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Nucleic acid molecule detection platform
Nucleic acid molecule detection platform
Nucleic acid molecule detection platform
Internationally initiative: full-component, single-dose freeze-drying technology / can be transported and stored at 2-8oC
Domestically initiative: internal standard quantification technology / no need to establish external standard curve, single-point calibration; meanwhile, it can effectively monitor the full extraction and amplification processes of each sample
Domestically initiative: one-step nucleic acid detection reagent without nucleic acid extraction / excellent anti-suppression performance, easy and fast operation
Domestically initiative: HBV / HIV dual-segment detection / greatly reducing the chance of missed detection due to mutation
Domestically initiative: rapid nucleic acid purification technology / no need for absolute ethanol and high temperature drying, completing extraction within three minutes
Domestically initiative: Super strong anti-pollution technology / realizing high-efficiency anti-pollution by sealing extraction and amplification by mineral oil, UNG enzyme plus full U amplification system (U replacing T)
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